The province of Quebec (French: Quebec), with a total area of 594, 860 square miles, is the largest Canadian province in size and is second only to Ontario in population. Its capital Quebec city, is the oldest city of Canada; and its metropolis, Montreal, is the second largest city in Canada. 

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The Quebec Government is the only provincial government in Canada that select its own independent immigrants and refugees abroad who are destined for Quebec.

The Canada-Quebec Accord, the most comprehensive agreement to date, gives Quebec sole responsibility for selecting independent immigrants and refugees abroad who are destined for Quebec. It also allows Quebec to provide its own reception and integration services-linguistic, cultural and economic for permanent residents of the province. Federally, Canada maintains responsibility for defining general immigrant categories, setting levels for admitting person to Canada and enforcement.

Due to Quebec's responsibilities in immigration, as defined in the Canada-Quebec Accord, persons destined for this province may have to meet different requirements.

Selection of immigrants: Quebec has the exclusive selection responsibility for all independent immigrants and refugees abroad who are destined for Quebec. Those selected by the province will receive a document called "Certificat de selection du Quebec (CSQ)". The federal government ensures that statuary admission requirements, such as medical and criminal checks, are met before it issues a visa.

Quebec Immigration: Selection criteria for Independent Immigrants

Most independent immigrants are skilled workers, who are expected to have the skills, education, work experience, language ability and other qualities needed to participate in the Quebec labor market.

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